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Truly Greener is now the #1 Urinal Servicing Company in Australia. We are known for our highly effective products, our reliable service and our outstanding results.


We only use top of the range products to keep washrooms smelling fresh and clog free while at the same time saving precious water.


The second you step foot into a washroom serviced by Truly Greener you will know instantly why we stand tall above the rest.

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Our services improve the smell, cleanliness, and comfort of your venues restrooms.
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About Us

Truly Greener is an eco-friendly Washroom Servicing Company. We are able to provide our clients with the most effective products on the market. Our products provide dramatic improvements to washrooms with the use of our Patented BIO Technology.

We are providing our market leading products and service to a variety of venues including RSL’s, Leagues Clubs, City Councils, Westfield shopping Centres, Office Buildings and many more.

We stand behind our products and service by providing new clients with a 2 Week FREE Trial. The trial allows new clients to see how truly effective our products are first hand. We have 100% satisfaction from all clients participating in the trial. We have yet to run into a washroom we cannot improve.

We guarantee to eliminate odours in the washrooms whilst other companies merely attempt to mask the problems.

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Our Solution

Truly Greener provides a highly effective eco-friendly urinal solution which will dramatically improve the washroom experience for your patrons.

  • Completely Eliminate Urine Odours
  • Eliminate Uric Acid build-up
  • Prevents Urinal Clogging
  • Highly Effective Eco-Friendly Solution


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A revolutionary eco-friendly urinal deodorizer and drain cleaner for a green and sustainable washroom. Biotabs release active agents designed to break down compounds in the urine which eliminates uric acid build up and urinal odours.

Environmentally Friendly

BIO Tabs are completely biodegradable. They made from non-toxic, non-corrosive ingredients and don’t require harsh polluting chemicals to remove lime scale, uric acid deposits or blockage problems.

Eliminate Odours

BIO TABS don’t mask offensive odours, they eliminate the source. BIO TABS dissolve slowly, releasing their biological active ingredients that leave a lasting refreshing scent to keep your toilet clean and fresh, 24 hours a day.

No More Blockages

Once BIO TABS are introduced to organic waste, they produce powerful enzymes which eliminate these compounds. You don’t need to use harsh cleaning products such as toilet or drain cleaners any more.


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A new age product in the world of cleaners and deodorisers, Bioplus is a Multi-purpose Biological cleaner and Deodoriser. Bioplus combines the features of Bacterial Spores, a unique enzyme system and effective grease cutting surfactant. These three components act rapidly on complex organic compounds found in waste and breaks them down completely resulting in dramatic improvements.

Environmentally Friendly

BioPlus uses innovative biotechnology to cleanse your drains and grease traps. Instead of toxic ingredients, BioPlus uses naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes to liquefy waste matter.

Multipurpose Value

BioPlus is your all in one solution for cleaning and deodorising. If you need to clean your kitchen, grease traps or waterless urinals, BioPlus will do the job. If you need a general purpose deodoriser and cleaner, BioPlus will do that for you too.

Eliminate Blockages and Odours

The combination of bacteria, enzymes and surfactants break down organic materials present in waste. This ensures that blockages or unpleasant odours no longer pose problems for you by eliminating the source.

Safety – Guaranteed

BioPlus contains bacterial cultures produced under controlled conditions. These are naturally occurring elements, which are harmless to humans or animals. They are free of any pathogenic or disease-causing organisms too.

Organic Oil Dispenser

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Do not compromise on the quality of your air and take control of your washrooms scent with specially designed Air Fresheners. The Air Freshener incorporates a battery operated fan system to silently circulate natural fragrances throughout the room. The organic ingredients function effectively by neutralising specific molecules and replace them with pleasant breathable atmosphere

Organic Fragrances

The refillable dispensers use natural organic oil scents to neutralise offensive odours and keep your washroom smelling fresh. The variety of fragrances is not overpowering, and allows your patrons to breathe safe and pleasant air.

Smart Freshening Systems

The dispenser silently operates through an On/Off controller switch and an automatic intermittent light sensor switch. This feature extends the optimum service of each fragrance gel to at least 60 days for most usage situations.

Long Lasting

AUTOFRESH Air Dispensers provide optimal utilisation of each refillable 40 ml wick sachet. Each sachet lasts for up to sixty days in standard use conditions. You can optimise the spray frequency to suit your needs.

Retain Your Customers

Studies show that customers who have a bad restroom experience don’t complain to management, they just never return to the venue.

Eliminate Odours

A restroom that smells of urine is the #1 complaint of venue patrons. Our eco friendly products eradicate bad smells.

Save Time & Money

Our services are affordable and easy to use. We train your cleaning staff, and with our products your staff can clean more quickly and easily.

Our services improve the smell, cleanliness, and comfort of your venues restrooms.

Don’t lose out on our special offer – register your (no obligation) free trial today!

Our Clients

Truly Greener is currently providing our products and Services to a variety of venues including Pubs, Clubs, Office Buildings, Schools, Sport Stadiums and Councils. We are able to customise our service to meet each individual venues needs.

Truly Greener is the leader in providing Sydney’s most famous Pubs and Clubs with our Products and Service. When the venues are full and the music is pumping our clients are confident their washrooms are kept smelling fresh all night long.

We have worked with a number of venues who thought having a strong urine odour in the washrooms was just part of the Pub and Club experience. What a difference 2 weeks makes. Our clients were at first sceptical, they had cleaners and a servicing company providing little more than ineffective aerosol cans and cheap urinal mats or cakes. Once the trial of our BIOTABS and Oil Based Air Freshener was installed all doubt had vanished.

We encourage any Pub, Leagues Clubs, RSL, Nightclub or Bar to contact us about our FREE 2 Week trial. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our results.

Truly Greener understands that Office Buildings require are more delicate touch. This is the reason we have introduced our exclusive white BIOTAB range. The white BIOTAB blends with the porcelain urinal to leave that professional look our corporate clients demand. We are able to reduce the noticeability of the product although the dramatic improvements our products provide are unavoidable.

Our Corporate Clients have been impressed by how our products and service leaves their washrooms smelling clean and fresh all year round. Our clients are fully aware how important it is to provide high quality facilities for their staff. We have received feedback from CEO’s to Administration Staff praising our products.

As the majority of staff spend approximately 40 hours or more a week at the office we understand the need to make their time at work as pleasant as possible. We have found a reduction in complaints the minute our products are implemented.

Truly Greener encourages building managers and facilities managers to opt for the 2 week FREE trial. We guarantee you will receive positive feedback from the change. Our products are currently being used all over the world. Multinational companies are experiencing the benefits we are able to provide. We are more than happy to work closely with you to create a better working environment while at the same time saving money on water and going Green.

Schools and Universities have heavy traffic all day long. We have noticed that cleaning companies cannot easily handle the constant use of the toilet facilities. This is where our products and service shines best. Our products work best with heavy use. The more people use the facilities the better they smell. The BIOTABS used in the urinals dissolve after every use. The enzymes in the BIOTAB break down the build-up in the pipes and break down the compound in the urine which creates the strong odours.

Our Products work well all day long. We have received positive feedback from Professors, Teachers and Students as a result of the improvements made in the washrooms. We have had great results on Open days when the public enters the school premises. We are able to provide schools with fresh smelling facilities all year round

We have a number of schools currently using our Products and Service. We are able to customise our servicing schedule to match the school calendar.

We encourage all Schools, Colleges and Universities to contact us for a 2 Week Free Trial. We guarantee you will be impressed by the dramatic improvements we are able to provide.

Sport Stadiums tend to have heavy traffic in a short period of time. Our products are designed to handle this volume and produce fantastic results.

No matter the sporting code or event being held at the stadium nothing will perform better on the day than our BIOTABS. Our BIOTABS are designed to handle a sell-out crowd. The enzymes in the BIOTAB break down the build-up in the pipes and break down the compound in the urine which creates the strong odours.

The beauty about our product is the BIOTAB only breaks down when the facilities are in use. So if you have 10 events or 1 event per month the Biotabs will not go to waste. We are happy to work closely with the building and maintenance managers to customise our service to suit your needs.

We encourage all Sports Stadiums, Arenas, Concert Halls and Exhibition Centres to contact us to organise a free 2 Week Trial. We are sure once you trial the product will never hold another event without the our products providing outstanding results.


1- How often do you service the products?
We service the products once a month.
2- Who much does the service cost?
The Cost will vary depending on the volume of products required and the frequency of the service. We are more than happy to provide a customised quote of the venue.
3- What’s makes you different to other companies?

We at Truly Greener are not looking to simply mask the odours in the washroom. Our main focus is eliminating the odours from the source. Our products are designed using bacterial formulations which produce powerful enzymes which efficiently break down organic waste.

We do not use aerosols mainly because they are a hazards product and they are ineffective. We only use high quality products which provide the very best results.

4- How long are the terms of the contracts?
We do not work on contracts. We provide a 6 month service we do not look our clients to long term contracts.
5- How does the free trial work?
We place the products in the venue and provide a BioPlus spray bottle. The venues can trial the product for 2 weeks. If the venue decides to implement the system commence with the service. If the venue decides to discontinue the products, we will simply remove the products without any charge.
6- Do I need to use BioPlus?
We recommend BioPlus is used twice daily. Venues who do not use BioPlus are not taking advantage of the potential of the system we provide. Venues who instruct their cleaners to use BioPlus get the best results.

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